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always japan is your one stop source for everything Japan related. We're user based and support the ideal to speak your mind. We're not serious business over here.

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1. No racist, sexist, xenophobic, antisemitic, homophobic comments.
2. No porn allowed. That goes for userpics, gifs, videos or pictures posted. Images, videos, or gifs depicting graphic violence are allowed but only under a spoiler. They are not allowed in the userpics. Posts about porn actresses are allowed so long as the pictures aren't of them nude.
3. Sensitive and graphic content such as rape, murder, sexual harassment, etc. should ALWAYS be along with a « TRIGGER WARNING ».
4. Your fave may be criticized: Don't blow a gasket. The community is a safe place for everyone. Everyone has an opinion and should be allowed to express it.
5. No Multiple Accounts: Self explanatory. You will be warned if we notice you are using sock puppet or multiple accounts. Especially if it's solely for the sake of trolling entry comments.
6. No Personal Attacks: For example, using something against them that comes from their personal journals, attacking them on their looks, attacking them on their race, etc.

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Posts allowed:
1. News about music, idols, cinema, social issues, political issues, culture, fashion etc.
2. You MUST name a source in your post. No source = we're not going to approve your post.
3. If the post is about a rumor : you have to add the [Rumor] word before your title as well as in the tags « rumor warning ».
4. Include a title to your post. You can name your post the way you want it. Let's be honest, we all love baiting titles.
5. No download posts due to copyright infringements.
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